Social Media

Replacing Movable Type with WordPress

I’ve now moved my two main sites across. It took a bit of doing and some of the areas still need work. I’m not sure why I waited so long.

WordPress took a while to get my head round but it is far more adaptable and takes a lot less effort to understand than Movable Type.

The most immediate improvement is that I’ve seen a rise in traffic on Chasing Wheels. The bounce rate has much improved and people are clicking through to pages far more frequently.

The information that I needed to make the leap was pretty findable and, by and large, worked in exactly the way it said it would. There seems to be much more you can achieve with WordPress without having to know code or get under the hood – for examples themes, plugins and layouts can all be done without FTP or having to stare at code.

I’m going to try and make more of an effort to blog regularly here, mainly about fashion, social media and my work.

Social Media Tech

Experiments and experiences with Tumblr for content aggregation

I’ve been tinkering away for a while now with a Tumblr account. You can view the results at Leguape’s tumblr of fun.

It’s an aggregation of pretty much all my social media activity outside of Facebook and Friendfeed (which I barely use now other than passively).

What does it use?

For content I read and want to make a note of online, it takes in my reddit and delicious bookmarks, as well as my google reader shared items.

I then mash these three together through a simple Yahoo! Pipes Feed to reduce the number of individual feeds I have to try and pull in.

Tumblr limits you to five feeds by default, so it seemed like a waste to pull these three in as separate items. The presentation of the feed output could do with some refining, but it does the job of making the all-important data available.

Then I also pull in my Twitter and Flickr feeds individually as the two most likely places for activity.

I also pull in the Chasing Wheels blog Feedburner feed separately as that’s another major source of activity. I’m now trialling pulling in a Yahoo! Pipe feed that aggregates all my blogs together to simplify things. I’ll be interested to see how this post appears via that feed.

Weirdly I don’t seem to be pulling in any video. In fact I don’t seem to shoot much video.

What purpose does it serve?

A while back I tried the Action Streams plugin for Movable Type but never managed to make it work. I can’t remember the exact reason but I think it was as simple as I couldn’t just plug and play.

Tumblr allows me to quickly plug in a bunch of things and get going straight off, right down to setting it up to point to a custom domain. I like that.

Also the interface offers me a whole bunch of options easily. I think it might even pass the “Mum test of usability”.

I like how easy it is and how low they’ve set the bar to entry.

I’ve even started on a second tumblr experiment, a photojournal called ToyCam Mono with a very simple premise.

I guess is part of the appeal of tumblr as a platform: its lower threshold to getting started and continuing. No fiddling with templates and code, just straight in.