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This is the place to find out all about the band, listen to their tracks and take a look at the pics of them. It's regularly updated so you'll never be without the latest on the band.

LATEST NEWS - November 2006
We're not dead and we haven't stopped making music, we've just be a little disorganised about it. In case you were wondering what has happened, we now have a myspace page with four new tracks on that aren't on here.

Go to to have a listen and add us as your friend. Then tell all your friends to add us as well. who knows we might even become one of those "built up a following on the internet before becoming famous" bands you hear so much about these days.

SUMMER IN STRANGE CITIES STILL AVAILABLE TO BUY. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION :: The second EP, featuring five new tracks, is now available by mail order direct via this site. Take a listen to the previews in the audio section then place your order.

Here's a quick guide to what you'll find on the site:
Home:: You are here. a rough guide to what's on and happening on the site.
Latest:: All the most up to date news on our movements and action. It's where you will find announcements about recordings and live shows.
Info:: Find out all about the people behind ESL
Images:: Look! pictures of the band and artwork too!
Audio:: Listen to clips of songs from our EP's to date
Contact:: Info on how to contact us if you want to buy our CD's, be our manager, get our designers to do some work for you, produce your music and so on.