A blend of grace and sparkle, space and crackle, this is the sound of EchoSound Location. Fuelled by joy, longing and late nights, it will carry you away to a place glistening with a new side to life. We revel in shiny guitars and shimmering beats, marvelling at new dawns, cityscapes and empires.

Started in 2000, when old schoolmates Alex and Adam got back in touch and started writing together, EchoSound Location has now managed the feat of getting through two singers.

Having played a few gigs and featured on a BBC trailer in 2000, things looked bright for the band and they even had a couple of labels sniffing around them (who doesn't?). But Liz was no longer able sing for the band as she decided to pursue her chosen career and move away from London. Vjollca eventually arrived in 2004 and took over for 5 tracks we demo-ed before circumstances meant she was no longer available.

Keyboards, programming, synths, strings, producing everything (AKA the dark art of turning the ideas into songs), co-writing with Alex, cat wrangling.

Guitars, lyrics, ideas, artwork, website, occasionally vocals and programming, co-writing with Adam and making random production suggestions.


Vocals and harmonies for the first three EPs, all of which are on the website.

Vjollca - Vocals and harmonies on the unreleased fourth EP.

Don Ramon - The sole sighting of him in recent times has been when he appeared unannounced to play his electrified riffs on The Eiger.