November 2006 - We're not dead and we haven't stopped making music, we've just be a little disorganised about it. In case you were wondering what has happened, we now have a myspace page with four new tracks on that aren't on here.

Go to to have a listen and add us as your friend. Then tell all your friends to add us as well. who knows we might even become one of those "built up a following on the internet before becoming famous" bands you hear so much about these days.

Meanwhile Adam and Alex have been working on a new bunch of songs, some of wich they've nearly finished.

28th February 2004 - It's taken what seems like ages to get them together but finally we have five new tracks nearly ready for release. All five are now available to listen to in the audio section of the website

The artwork is now finished (well, just about), the masters are done and everything is ready to be sent off for pressing. We'll be getting 100 copies done in mid-March which will be available to buy via mail order. We're also looking at getting some sort of online payment system sorted through paypal or something. St Budeaux is also taking a look at organising some downlaods available - as soon as he figures out secure downloads and payment it will work.

The tracklisting will be: My New Obsession, Tomorrow Is Too Late, The Greatest and All Just Noise. We've been rehearsing the new material and hopefully should be playing live again in April to let you all hear it and get some people interested in signing us. Mucho excitement about it all amongst the band who are really looking forward to getting back on stage.

3rd November 2003 - Alex here. Hubs and I have done some newer mixes and tweaks on the tracks. We'll probably only be putting 3 on the 3rd EP now: My New Obsession, The Greatest and All Just Noise as Hubs reckons the other two still need some work doing, unless we can convince him otherwise. Still take a listen in the audio section and email us what you think. It'll help us easier make up our mind. We've got our first rehearsal since march time on the 22nd, a full day to put together the new set and decide how soon we reckon we'll be ready for playing live. Hubs currently has more cables littering his gaff than you can shake a cable tidy at and my collection of guitars is threatening to expand again. You are warned, we will be coming to a venue near you soon.

1st October 2003 - Finally have all the tracks together for the next EP. Hubs is away at the moment so Millie and I (St Budeaux) are putting ourselves to learning our bits for when he gets back so we can start rehearsing. There's more news about the tracks on the home page and I'll be putting them up in the audio section in the next couple of days so everyone can get a listen to them while you're waiting for us to get round to getting the CD pressed up.

We're also going to be getting back into rehearsals and planning a few gigs for November and December time in and around London, so we'll be letting you all know as and when they are arranged so you can come along and wither buy us a dirnk after or applaud wildly after ever song.

19th May 2003 - St Budeaux here, finally getting round to updating the site. Lots to report. We haven't done a gig for a while now. The last time we played live was a really euphoric gig at The Windmill in Brixton which really felt good. The gig at KCL for the BBC World Service was a bit of a nightmare and very Spinal Tap - very surreal and bizarre, I think my bad flu made it even weirder. I tihnk we were all a bit off key that night.

But enough of that worrying, we're currently banging on with EP3, which is coming together nicely. All Just Noise is finished (or as much as we think it needs to be). It's a beautiful slab of noise too, complete with droning guitars, lush electronica and great, great vocals. Everything we are after has come together for it, in some ways. I can't wait to get playing it live, but seeing as day jobs mean we can't get a chance to play live until July you'll have to wait until either the EP is out or we do a gig. Tomorrow Is Too Late is going to undergo some work to add brass and summery gloss. Both seem to be about the girl I'm currently in love with and Millie has been worrying a bit about some of the lyrics. With Ballad of Unrequited/The Greatest this EP really is a very blonde influenced one.

Then there's the new pictures, which Millie's mate Fiona took for us at the Hope and Anchor. please enjoy at your leisure. Must go now, work and sleep beckon.

16th February 2003 - Hope those of you who made it to the last two gigs (The Windmill and The Hope And Anchor) enjoyed them, we certainly did. We've been playing a new track, Ballad Of Unrequited, live and everyone seems to reckon it's our best yet. We've even allowed Alex to do backing vocals live, which frankly used to be a scary prospect - he's usually makes Shaun Ryder sound tuneful - but it actually works out quite well. We're looking forward to seeing you all at the next couple of gigs so you can hear how good it sounds. We're feeling much happier with playing live now and a lot more up for it.

We've also been back in the studio recording some new material, the first track from the sessions is called All Just Noise and is sounding pretty tip top. Millie's voice is getting stronger and we're getting used to working properly as a band in the studio. Hubs has got himself some new gizmos so is a happy bunny and Alex seems to be more chipper than usual, which means he's either in love or "the boy ain't right" as Hank Hill would say. Actually after the next gigs we're going to take some more time in the studio to get a third EP of material together and see if we can lure in a record label to sign us.

30 December 2002 - We've been relatively busy over the last month, so this will run to a few paragraphs. You wouldn't believe we all have day jobs, honestly. We're still recovering from the mass of you who turned up to the H&A gig in December - it was a shock to see so many of you there, but a good one.

First up we've had our demo added to the Onemusic unsigned website for Radio 1. This means that people like you can rate us and our selected tracks (Roma and Spire), and if we're really lucky and enough regular users like us we might get on the radio 1 playlist in January 2003. Take a look at our shiny page in Lamacq's section here:

Next up is a couple of live dates to start the year off with:
Thursday 16th January 2003 :: The Windmill, 22 Belheim Gardens, Brixton, London, SW2 :: Once again we're out playing live, this time we seem to be headlining again at the wonderful Windmill in Brixton. We'll be playing at least one new song for the first time (probably Ballad Of Unrequited). As soon as we know we'll confirm what time we'll be onstage. admission is £3 (we think, we'll confirm ASAP). We know some of you will have trains to catch so will try to make sure it's not too late. If you need directions you can get the information from The Windmill's site: click here for directions

Friday 7th February 2003 :: The Hope And Anchor, 207 Upper Street, Islington, London, NW1 :: Once again we'll be rocking the 9:30 slot at the Hope and Anchor, this time on a Friday night. Last imte the place was packed and rocked, this time we hope even more of you can make it along. Directions: To get there you just need to get a tube to Highbury and Islington, turn right out of the station and walk up Upper Street until you get to the H&A on your right. admission: £4.50 with flyer, £6 without. CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

And finally we've been working on new material, or will be this week, as we feel the time is now right for getting some new tunes together and putting together a third self-financed, self-released EP. Not sure what the title will be, but we reckon Ballad Of Unrequited will be on there. Big thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far, please keep on keeping on cos we love you all.

01 December 2002 - Big thanks to everyone who turned up for our first gig, we were more nervous than we ever imagined, and can't really remember much about it. We're pleasantly surprised that so many of you took the time out to make it. We'd all like to pay big thanks to our roadie/driver/moral support Simon, who managed to lug our gear across London for us and who is always around to help us out. Alex would like to say a special thanks to the drunken mob of popbitchers led by jean_grellie, who heckled and cheered very loudly, plus all Millie and Hubs mates who were equally vocal. Our poor luck with photos continues so if you could bring your cameras next time it would be great, so we can actually see what we look like up there. We hope you all be back for more at the Hope and Anchor on 7th December 2002 (onstage 9:30). CLICK HERE FOR THE FLYER

11 November 2002 - LIVE DATES FOR NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER - The band have confirmed their first live dates ever. They kick off with The Bull and Gate and The Hope and Anchor in London. We hope to see many of you down there for this thrilling occasion. Hubs, Alex and Millie are all currently busy trying not to get too nervous about it and are looking forward to the dates with a mix of dread, excitement, anxiety and nausea.

22 October 2002 - Hubs, Millie and Alex completed a brand new track at the weekend provisionally entitled "No Saint". Take a listen to the full song in either realplayer or windows media player in the audio section.

09 September 2002 - GET YOUR COPY OF SUMMER IN STRANGE CITIES NOW! A limited edition of 100 copies are now available via mail order direct from the band. The price is £3.00 plus £1.00 to cover postage and packaging, which is cheaper than we had foreseen. You can listen to previews of all the tracks in the audio section. For details of how get hold of a copy please click on the button here: Buy CD's

12 June 2002 - Summer in Strange Cities is now a completed and is currently undergoing some final mastering before being sent off for pressing. The Clear Blue Sky mix of Sunshine is something of a departure for the band as it features not one note of St Budeaux's guitar and is an almighty summertime house stomper. The realone version is now available in the audio section as a full length audio stream. The CD will be available in the near future via mail order (cheques or postal orders) and we envision that it'll be price at the normal CD single price. So that'll be £3.99 sterling probably, plus something like a £1 for postage and packaging. Trust us, it'll be the best fiver you spend this year. We may also offer some of the tracks as bonus downloads at some point soon too, so check back for more soon!!!

25 May 2002 - Unfortunately our drummer Albert has been taken poorly with a touch of tendonitis. This has put us back a little for going live, but we should still be coming to a venue near you before the summer is out.

19 May 2002 - The band are currently working on completing their second collection of tracks for Summer in Strange Cities. The EP will feature 5 tracks, including the clear blue sky remix of Sunshine. They are also currently rehearsing for live performances, which hopefully will start happening over this summer in venues around London. Once we have more information we will let you know.

As you can see, we have been busy working on this redesign of the site. The emphasis of the redesign is on making the site more user friendly, with less flash plug-ins and quicker load times. We hope you enjoy the new look. The old version of the site can still be found here for those of you who fancy dipping into the nostalgia industry.

February 2002 - We have been mentioned on the official Atomic Kitten site for our track Sunshine, which was used on the major BBC ONE drama "2000 Acres of Sky". Here's a totally trainspotter trivia fact: It was seeing the Kittens that made St Budeaux decide that it was time to get on with making the music that is Echo Sound Location. He also quite fancies Liz from Atomic Kitten. The rest of the band are looking into possible treatment for this strange affliction.

To take a look at the kind words said about us click here (we had to do a screen grab as they have redesigned their site and the piece is no longer on their site).