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Upgrading to MT4.25

So there was a fanfare and loads of excitement promised, and what am I left with? Well the layout has changed without me doing anything, as you can see. It was thin-wide-thin, now it's gone wide-thin-thin without my permission. FFS, If I wanted this much hassle with my non-office setup I would have bought a Windows Vista machine.

Looks like it's a case if it gets fixed when I can be arsed.

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Testing podcasting with MT4

I'm thinking of doing some podcasting, so I thought I'd better try something with the in-built stuff in Movable Type. This is an interview I did with BBC London Radio about the Smithfield Nocturne in 2007.

Spot review: Any my discovery is that it seems to be fine for linking out to a published podcast but I'll be damned if I can understand how this is meant to translate into publishing feeds that people can subscribe to or get via iTunes.

So can anyone recommend me a good end-to-end piece of software for publishing podcasts, including creating a feed file, uploading audio and firing it to iTunes and whatever else?

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