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The person behind this site is of course a mildly obsessive pop fan who goes by the name of Alexander Murray. The Atomic Kitten Shrine originally started off as a way to burn of his excess energy for web design, and a way to get over the thrill given him by his first encounter with Atomic Kitten, back in February 2000 when he caught up with them on their schools tour to promote See Ya.

Since the beginning of their career he has busied himself with keeping this site informative and informal, with the express intention of writing about the band from his view as a fan. The content on this is site all written by Alex, and generated from stories in the press, gossip heard here and there (mostly popbitch) and information from other Atomic Kitten fans (occasionally he let's his mind wonder and makes up nonsensical stories for your amusement). But just for the legal beagles, this site is in no way endorsed by Virgin Records, Atomic Kitten themselves or by their management. Any infringement of copyright is accidental and will be removed on request.

Alex's first encounter with the Kittens was back in February 2000, when in the space of a week he filmed them twice for webcasts. The second of these, at Bayswater School, Oxford, still rates as his favourite piece of camera work and was certainly the one he enjoyed the most. You used to be able to see it on, but the agreement ran out. Hopefully it should re-appear some time in the future. In his line of duty, as Music editor of, he has been called upon several times in the name of webcasting the Kittens (Bayswater School, Children of Hope concert, launch party, I want your love interview, Whole again interview [both with C3]), and hopes to be called upon again in the future to deal with them.

In the meantime he will obsessively be singing their praises while wending his way through the world of New Media (pronounced Nu Meeedja) as a designer, editor, copywriter, developer and Kitten fan, although no longer of In fact this site now forms part of his portfolio, and has become part of the network of sites developed by Atomic Echo (, the music and visual arts collective in which Alex plays a prominent role.

If you want to contact Alex, to discuss this site, chat about the Kittens, ask a question, whatever then he currently resides under the email address . And if you work for a record label or music site and would like to employ him, then your enquiries are always welcome.

This site was built using rather expensive designer type toys (Photoshop 5.5, Illustrator 8.01, Dreamweaver 3), but also with loads of free stuff (WS FTP, 1st page 2000, Cute FTP) and free hosting from But most of all this site is built with a lot of love and admiration for the lovely people who are Atomic Kitten and their fans who occasionally write to me!