Their record label -
C3 - It's got friends at their label and is the official Virgin Records site for Atomic Kitten, so it's usually right with it's info.

The official place for the kittens - - Everything you want to know about them! (Almost). All the official news, their web diary, superb pics and gossip. Design has undergone a major overhaul adding lots of cool flash stuff that actually works OK on a modem connection. There's loads of pics and wallpapers. Still there's bits missing or gone astray, so it's still like the girls then!!!

Top Fan sites (other than here) -
AK FAN - A little heavy on dark arts trickery (that's html stuff in layman's terms) but packed with information and features. Very thorough in it's coverage of all things Kitten

Blatantly Commercial Links

Clickmusic searchbox

Those nice people at clickmusic said I could have a click box and I'd get more traffic to the site. Sounds like a fairly reasonable faustian pact. If only they'd offer me cash for the space! I do a very reasonable rate.

It's a nice little search box which allows you to search for Kitten stuff and all your other favourites on their site. It make take you off this site but just remember to hit the back button when you've finished and you'll be fine.


Dotmusic ticker

Gets me on their webmasters list and means I could win some cash or something.

Click here for dotmusic

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